About us

The BIOK Laboratory is founded by 5 scientists in biochemistry with a high passion to innovate with natural ingredients for our skin's healthy look. Already we count over 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetics by creating and producing natural and organic products enriched with plant-based, herbal, bio-technological and synthetic active ingredients to provide healthy skin, hair and teeth.
Nature and innovation remain the core of our philosophy, which brings together experts in biology, chemistry, odontology, dermatology and cosmetics. We conduct thorough research and promote complete honesty. And it works! Our products are recognized by dermatologists and dental care professionals. Our high quality and efficiency are valued by people in the Nordic countries and in Central, Western Europe.
Explore our products & brands in the following links:
www.ecodenta.com (super+natural oral care)
www.kiligcosmetics.eu (natural cosmetic for busy urbanities)
www.margarita.eu (Baltics nature inspired cosmetic for whole family)

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