Ethical business conduct


This Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the Code) has been drafted in order that all employees and related persons should understand, fully and uniformly, the company’s expectations in terms of their behaviour. The Company requires all employees, the management and Board members of the Company to read and understand this Code, to acknowledge this fact in writing and to subsequently ensure compliance with the content of this Code.

This document is intended to help each of us understand our responsibilities as representatives and employees of the BIOK LAB. We strive for our business partners, such as sales agents, distributors, suppliers, contractors, and others, to adhere to this Code while representing our interests.

Partnership, Trust and Curiosity are the core values of our company. Trust is important to us, both inside and outside the company: we seek to ensure mutually beneficial partnerships, stemming from open and honest behaviour and communication.

This Code is based on the ten principles set out in the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, and it establishes the minimum requirements. If the provisions of laws, other legal acts or regulations, whether local, national or international, in terms of liability of companies (hereinafter referred to as LC) are stricter than the provisions of this Code, then such legal provisions must be complied with.


BIOK LAB looks after the health and beauty of the people across the world as it strives to develop natural, innovative and affordable products that are high quality and created in an environmentally-friendly way. The company has implemented good manufacturing practices in accordance with the requirements of LST EN ISO 22716:2007 standards, and the mandatory hygiene standards have been met to a satisfactory standard during the manufacturing process.

Our marketing and advertising materials, both written and oral, must be accurate, correct, and are required to meet mandatory legal requirements.

We only use customer data in our activity when it is necessary for the provision of the service and when it is permitted under the relevant legislation.


Supplier selection and purchasing decisions must be made objectively, in the light of interests of BIOK LAB, and for the sake of the best deal as per costs, compliance with requirements, expected volumes of supply, quality and any other relevant factors. Any contract with a supplier and contractor must be entered into in accordance with the principles of procurement procedures and also those of ethics. Suppliers and contractors trying to influence our purchase decisions in a disingenuous manner may be prohibited from any further deals with our company.


No employee or board member of BIOK LAB has the right to offer, ask for, give or accept, either directly or indirectly, any unearned personal gain from any third party, except in the usual cases of business representation and hospitality. The recommended value of an individual gift or service must not exceed 50 euros. When there are doubts, employees should consult their supervisors and raise any concerns. Business gifts are recommended to be given away to the general gift fund of the company, which is later distributed between everyone.

The company prohibits its employees from offering money or any gifts to civil servants and officials, except for symbolic gifts of small monetary value, if doing so is permitted by local legislation.

Business decisions must always be made with the best intentions for the company. Decisions made by the employees must never be influenced by personal relationships or pursuit of gain - for oneself, relatives or friends. To avoid conflicts of interest, the employees are prohibited from working in other companies, in any position (for example, in employment contract, consulting, or as a member of the Board), without a written consent of the company. If there is even the minimum risk of conflict of interest, the employee must immediately notify his/her supervisor thereof in writing.

BIOK LAB is neutral in respect to political parties and candidates, and it complies with the requirements of relevant international agreements and national legislation regarding lobbying.

BIOK LAB must adhere to strict accounting principles and standards: it has to provide financial data accurately and in full, have appropriate internal control measures and processes to ensure that its accounting and financial statements meet the requirements of the legislation. All transactions must be properly registered, classified and summarized in accordance with the approved accounting rules. No employee has the right to enter or delete data in the accounting records of the company, by deliberately hiding, distorting or concealing the true nature or outcome of the financial or non-financial transaction. The company employees who are involved in the preparation of financial statements must always provide complete, fair, accurate and comprehensible data in a timely manner in tax returns or declarations, statements or reports, and any other documents that are presented to public services, tax authorities and the media.

 BIOK LAB firmly believes in transparent and consistent business management practices which comply with applicable laws and standards in all of its geographic markets. This protects the legitimate interests of shareholders and other persons concerned.


The employees of BIOK LAB all have fundamental human rights, which must be known, understood, respected and applied equally to everyone. No one may suffer corporal punishment, or be subject to physical, sexual or psychological abuse, harassment or insult. Forced labour, exploitation or slave labour are strictly prohibited. The employees cannot be forced to work in excess of normal working hours and overtime limits that are stipulated by law. Overtime must be paid for at the statutory rate. An employment contract, setting out the terms and conditions of employment, must be shared and accepted by all employees. Children under the minimum age defined in local legislation cannot be used as labour force. The employees under eighteen (18) years of age cannot take dangerous or hard work or work during night shifts.

BIOK LAB does not tolerate discrimination, neither active nor expressed through passive tolerance, on grounds of race, nationality, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, maternity or paternity, trade union membership, political opinion or age.

The employees must be paid a salary, which is not less than the statutory minimum wages, and granted all mandatory benefits and allowances. All employees are entitled to periodic paid leave.

Occupational safety is a matter of priority in the company. In this context, appropriate measures are taken to prevent accidents. All employees are encouraged to notice and eliminate potential occupational safety hazards.


If opportunity affords, we remind all employees and suppliers that environmental laws and legal acts governing environmental protection and the relevant economic sector must be complied with in all operational chains. The use of measures that reduce the impact on the environment must be encouraged, as must the decrease/prohibition of use of any substances that are harmful to the environment. We inspire and motivate our employees to implement internal sustainability projects.


The managers of BIOK LAB have a duty to ensure that the content of this Code is known and understood, and to encourage the employees to state any possible irregularities. Open or disguised acceptance of dubious actions will not be tolerated. If any actions that do not meet the requirements of this Code become known to an employee, or if an employee has a suspicion that they may not meet the requirements of this Code, it is the employee's duty to report it immediately. Anonymous reports are accepted, however, we would be grateful if the reporting person could provide their details.

Irregularities can be reported in three ways:

  1. By sending an e-mail letter to
  2. A letter can be written and sent by post to Žarijų str. 2a, Vilnius
  3. By direct call to +370 5 2603042


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