We are excited to announce that RASA and ARAS products are now available on the DOUGLAS e-shop!

2023 08 31

We are excited to announce that RASA and ARAS products are now available on the DOUGLAS e-shop! With this addition, our beloved BIOK LAB products will be even more accessible to our customers and DOUGLAS customers will have the opportunity to choose from a wider range of Lithuanian cosmetics.
According to Greta Bagdonaitė, ARAS Brand Manager, new partnerships are exactly what the brand needs as it returns to the shelves after a break.
"We want to reach as much of our men's cosmetics audience as possible and encourage them to take care of their skin with quality skincare products. The partnership with a global cosmetics and perfume company proves that Lithuanian cosmetics are on par with world-class brands," says Greta.
The importance of partnership is also highlighted by RASA Brand Manager Iglė Janionienė.
She sees the collaboration with DOUGLAS as an opportunity to work with a leading European cosmetics retailer that strives for the highest standards of beauty.
“It's not merely a cosmetics platform, it encompasses knowledge, expertise, top-quality products and services, the aspiration to create beauty, to stand out, and the courage to innovate and embrace challenges. The same values also guide us, the creators of Lithuanian cosmetics. Consequently, with the return of the ARAS and RASA brands this year, our goal was to introduce them to the widest possible audience. RASA is back with 14 new facial skincare products. Body care and hair care lines are expected to be launched at the end of this year. I'm delighted that our partnership with DOUGLAS will empower us to reach insightful audiences seeking high-quality products at fair prices, positioning us alongside other brands that Lithuanians already cherish or new, exclusive launches," Iglė shares.
Violeta Byčiuvienė, the Head of Marketing for Baltic countries at DOUGLAS, reveals that DOUGLAS online shop's assortment is shaped according to the most diverse needs of customers, but brands are required to meet high standards of quality and business ethics.
"We have several cases where we have listened to the individual wishes and recommendations of our customers when introducing a brand or product. We strive to have the widest possible assortment in our online store, reflecting different price levels, and we are open to cooperation with Lithuanian cosmetics manufacturers, but we are strict about the quality of the presented brands and business ethics", – reveals Violeta.
Speaking about the potential of Lithuanian cosmetics, Violeta points out that cosmetic manufacturers in our country have a good sense of global cosmetic trends and provide market-relevant products at the best time. "The potential of Lithuanian cosmetics among our customers is huge and I think that the tradition of choosing Lithuanian cosmetics will only grow in the future. And the reason for this will no longer be just the desire to "support local", but the conscious choice of a product for its quality, effectiveness and the relationship it creates with the customer."
ARAS and RASA Brand Managers are looking forward to future plans and partnership development. "We are always open to new partnerships, and we hope that the circle of partnerships will grow even bigger in the near future. RASA's message is that everything is in our own hands. It's BIOK LAB motto too. We face challenges with courage and are always looking for new unique partners both in Lithuania and abroad," shares Greta and Iglė.
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