BIOK LAB innovation - the first toothpaste with amber extract!

2024 04 05

We started developing oral care products more than a decade ago. Each and every year our company strives to offer customers advanced and innovative formulas and discover unique ingredients. We are also constantly surprised by what our BIOK LAB scientists come up with.
Today we are featuring the refreshing whitening power with Lithuanian gold – amber extract, which is highly valued for its beauty and beneficial properties and is mostly found in the Baltic Sea region, which is why it is highly valued by our laboratory experts. The new toothpaste is our newest addition and innovation to the ECODENTA‘s expert line collection for whiter teeth without plaque.
What makes this toothpaste special? Refreshing whitening toothpaste with amber extract is enriched not only with 5% amber glycerin extract, which maintains a good condition of the oral cavity, but also with 8% xylitol, which promotes healthy saliva production - which slows down the formation of plaque and moistens the oral mucosa.
The product prevents bad breath, gently cleans the teeth and moisturizes the oral mucosa. During the conducted studies, it was found that the product provides long-term protection against plaque formation.
We can guarantee that you'll love the gel texture and pleasant unique taste!

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