BIOK LAB showcased its products at exhibitions in both Europe and Asia

2024 04 29

This spring, BIOK LAB participated in several global beauty trade fairs across Europe and Asia, showcasing its brands ECODENTA and KILIG. The exhibitions included Cosmoprof in Italy, Beauty Düsseldorf in Germany, and Natural & Organic in the United Kingdom. Additionally, in April, BIOK LAB presented ECODENTA products at IDEM Singapore, the largest biennial exhibition in Asia dedicated exclusively to oral care products.
These exhibitions serve as platforms where professionals from around the world gather to share experiences, learn about industry innovations, discuss global trends, and explore market uniqueness. Aušra Adiklienė, Business Development Manager at BIOK LAB, emphasizes the significance of exhibitions, stating, "Exhibitions offer an invaluable opportunity to not only showcase products but also to compare oneself with others, highlight uniqueness, grasp global trends, and anticipate future prospects."
"When developing export activities, it is particularly important to adhere to the law – think globally, act locally. Trends may be global, but in foreign markets, one must always consider the structure of the local market, supply chains, dominant brands and companies, as well as buyers' habits and purchasing power," says Aušra.
According to Iglė Janionienė, Brand Manager at BIOK LAB, exhibitions provide an excellent avenue to present company offerings, engage with clients and partners, establish new connections, and stay abreast of industry innovations, get ideas and inspiration. She highlights BIOK LAB's commitment to innovation, design, and unique ingredients, stating, " We have much to be proud of, to stand out, and to appeal to both partners and end consumers."
"This is because we amalgamate years of experience, innovative design solutions, unique ingredients, and a spirit of adventure and creativity. We take pride in our ability to offer something new and unseen to our consumers," says Iglė.
The two ECODENTA innovations showcased at the exhibitions—the Expert line whitening toothpaste with amber extract and the Green line toothpaste with blueberry extract—alongside the ECODENTA black whitening toothpaste, received a very positive feedback. Additionally, the record-breaking KILIG RETINOL Facial Care line and the KILIG PROBIOTICS Facial Care line, launched in March, impressed visitors with their packaging design, functional value, and unique formula combinations.
"We are strong and distinctive, thanks to our unique formulas and ingredients. The packaging designs of the ECODENTA and KILIG brands leave no partner indifferent," says Aušra.
Nauris Šimkūnas, Head of BIOK LAB's International Business and Private Label Division, shares his impressions from IDEM Singapore, an exhibition dedicated exclusively to oral care products. He welcomes the opportunity and invaluable experience of presenting Lithuanian products in the Asian region alongside major market brands such as Sensodyne, Listerine, Curasept, and Gums.

"BIOK LAB's ECODENTA products stand out because we create products that are both effective and natural. The packaging, both visually and in terms of material, aligns with the latest global sustainability trends," says Nauris.
Linas Tartėnas, Sales Manager at BIOK LAB, shares insights from the exhibition, highlighting visitor interest in BIOK LAB's wide range of products and unique formulas. He mentions the surprise generated by toothpastes with clay and other distinctive ingredients, showcasing BIOK LAB's innovative approach.
"The most intriguing aspect was explaining to visitors how our products distinguish themselves from those of our competitors. Toothpastes containing clay, mineral water, and amber extract garnered particular interest. Visitors were curious about their functional mechanisms. Our new KILIG cosmetic line featuring probiotics received significant attention as well. BIOK LAB also stands out for its extensive range of cosmetics catering to all skin types, along with the option to combine products from different lines," says Linas regarding the feedback from visitors at the exhibition.
The Natural & Organic show in London emphasized sustainability, which has evolved from individual product considerations and environmental responsibility to a widespread culture of sustainable behavior. This year, the emphasis extends to sustainability across the entire product production process: from the sourcing of ingredients, to the use of human and animal labor, to the prevention of water source pollution and deforestation.
BIOK LAB takes pride in responding to customer needs, global trends, and offering market innovation. Participation in exhibitions alongside a diverse array of manufacturers helps in assessing global competitiveness and identifying strategies to better cater to customer and buyer interests.

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