Another sustainable solution implemented at BIOK LAB helped save ten trees and reduce CO2 emissions

2024 05 20

As of October 2023, BIOK LAB has implemented another sustainable solution in its operations by switching to EcoNatural paper, which is made from recycled Tetra Pak packaging. Laura Grumčiuvienė, BIOK LAB's Brand Manager, says that BIOK LAB is committed to participating in the circular economy and developing a responsible approach to the environment by introducing eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions.
"BIOK LAB uses 100% electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) in its operations, and since the third quarter of last year, we have replaced the production of soft paper used in sanitary facilities, kitchens, etc. We switched to a more sustainable solution - EcoNatural paper, which is made from recycled Tetra Pak packaging, and paper dispensing systems, which are made from plastic and aluminum recovered from Tetra Pak packaging," says Laura.
According to Andrius Malašauskas, representative of the company that supplies EcoNatural's solutions, a growing number of companies in Lithuania are seeking genuine, auditable sustainable partnerships and implementing tangible sustainable solutions in their operations.
"One of them is EcoNatural's everyday solutions made from soft cellulose and recycled composite beverage packaging (e.g., Tetra Pak), such as industrial cleaning paper, hand drying wipes, toilet paper, and more. In the long term, these products are used to produce positive environmental certificates with real, easy-to-understand figures," says Andrius about sustainable solutions.
Lucart and the EcoNatural solution make it possible to measure how much good is being done for the environment by awarding a certificate to every company that has adopted the solution.
"BIOK LAB's use of recycled paper in its operations since last Octoberhas helped to save ten medium-sized trees, reduce CO2 emissions by 568,8 kg, and recycle 21 744 Tetra Pak 1-liter packs," says Laura.
BIOK LAB is becoming a role model for other companies that want to contribute to the preservation of the environment and implement sustainable solutions in their daily operations.

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